Valentine’s Day Card

February 9, 2018

To celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s day, I decided to create a special tutorial : a Valentine’s day card !

I’ve been hosting DIY events/workshops these last two months and this card was in one of the workshop (see french blog post Creative workshop in Grenoble). It’s the perfect gift : it’s really easy to made and you can write a lovely note inside to your Valentine’s ! ❤

You can follow exactly this example, or create your own card using this DIY as an inspiration.

This tutorial is going to be the last paper DIY (for now).

Lately, I’ve been really into paper ideas and tutorials. So, I decided that it was time for me to go back to what I love so much, and that is … Decoration/Home decor !! ♥

I will come back with lots of new DIY to embellish your interior such as : frame, tray, pillow case, terrarium … I’m so excited to share all these new things with you !

In order to wait, here is all the details about how to create this beautiful card (and make your someone special happy) !

What you need :

thick red paper, colored papers (white, pastel pink, fuchsia, orange, red), glitter pencils / glitter glues
adhesive strass, scissors, white pencil, paper glue, paper punches heart shape

Step 1 : cut the card into the thick red paper in a rectangle shape : 25 cm by 18,5 cm. Fold the card.

Step 2 : using your paper punches (heart shape), cut lots of hearts into the sheets of colored papers.

Step 3 : when all your paper hearts are cutted, try to create a pattern on the card. You can create hearts layers, or even overlap the hearts together … Be creative ! 🙂

Step 4 : using you glitter pencils, decorate the card by drawing inside and outside the paper hearts. Dots, lines, patterns, waves, flowers …Then let dry.

Step 5 : add adhesive strass to embellish your card.

Write a lovely note, slip the card into the enveloppe, and suprise him/her !

Feel free to leave a comment if you liked this special Valentine’s day DIY

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Céline Lunakim

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