Illustrated Wallpaper – April 2020

April 18, 2020

We continue the tradition of one wallpaper per month, with an illustration made especially for the occasion! Lately, it’s hard to keep the morale up with all that’s going on in our country and in the world… I’ve noticed that there were days when I didn’t know what to do … But it’s by forcing ourselves to get up every morning and be positive that we can continue to live (and by staying home of course). The days when I’m not sure of our future, I repeat this little mantra to myself, and it’s good to keep my mind at ease 🙂 .

For this new wallpaper, I made an illustration in warm tones, mixing the current “trendy colors” (nude, beige, brown) and symbols of fortune-telling (moon, sun, stars, graphic features…). I wanted to create a kind of special “map” from my imagination.

The sun outside announces the beautiful days, and when you open the window, a light breeze strokes your face… Living in an apartment without a balcony, I try to fill up with sun & positive energy in a different way. Sometimes I sit on the floor in the living room and enjoy the light that bathes the whole room. It’s soothing, and I take advantage of the good weather. It also allows me not to think about anything, and to take advantage of this little break to recharge myself with good “energy”, with the sun’s rays.

And you, what is your little ritual that is doing you good at the moment? Feel free to share your ideas ♥

To download the wallpaper, click on the link below. If you use this wallpaper, you can share your photos on Instagram and add the hashtag #celinelunakim so I can see them. Feel free to leave a small comment if you like this wallpaper ♥

Mystery : download wallpaper


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Céline Lunakim

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