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October 18, 2019

For the second article of this mini series “home deco”, here is the tutorial of the embroidered cushion. After last week’s Scandinavian pattern, here comes a more poetic model. For my living room and sofa, I wanted to have a lot of cushions to create a cozy side to the apartment. So I started with this feather model that I appreciate so much. You can also find on my blog many DIY feathers: frame, pillow, dreamcatchers… The final result is really beautiful and adds a creative side to the decoration.

The month of September was quite busy with many events. I hosted two bachelorette parties (flower wreath & origami), a terrarium workshop, & an embroidery workshop! The main event remains my flower wreath workshops for the big Color Me Rad race in Lyon. October promises to be just as busy with the two creative conventions Id Créatives in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand :). Many workshops will also be planned: kokedama workshop, watercolour poster workshop…

Now it’ s time for the DIY! ♥

What you need:

  • a full skein of grey embroidery thread (DMC reference 25 /3799 – 6 strands)
  • a sewing needle
  • an erasable blue pen (Pilot Frixion erasable roller pen tip 0.7 mm)
  • a cotton pillowcase
  • a pair of scissors
  • an iron
  • paper

Step 1/ On a draft sheet (or notebook), practice drawing the feather pattern. Proceed in steps to familiarize yourself with this drawing:

a) draw a curved line
b) make discontinuous curved lines on each side. This will delimit your feather.
c) draw horizontal lines on one side to create the feather effect
d) do the same for the other side


Step 2/ Choose the location of your design. For my project, I went for two lines of 4 feathers, and two lines of 3 feathers. Draw all the central lines of the feathers on the pillowcase with the pen. We use this type of pen (mentioned in the description of the material) because its ink does not resist high temperatures. This way, you can erase your line by passing your iron over it. Very practical on textiles!


Step 3/ Then draw the horizontal and curved lines.


Step 4/ Take your 6 strand yarn, and divide it in half. Your yarn will have 3 strands.

Step 5/ Pass your thread through the cat of the sewing needle, and make a double knot at the end of the thread.

First embroider the horizontal lines of the feathers (see picture): pass your thread needle through the inside of the cover, stitch your needle into the fabric to make it stand out on the front side, and go from one point to another. Follow the line you drew. A point = a “branch” of the feather. Make a double knot when you get to the end of the thread. Then do it again.


Step 6/ Embroider the center of the feathers by making successive small stitches. Embroider the rest of the patterns on the entire cushion.


Step 7/ Once all the designs have been embroidered, pass your iron (hot) over the designs. The blue ink will magically disappear!

All you have to do is put a cushion in your cover, and it’s over! What do you think? In total, the embroidery took me about three hours (maybe four because I didn’t time it). So I would say that it takes a whole afternoon to make this DIY. The result is really nice, and I loved seeing all the blue ink leave to discover the “real” pattern underneath. I put it on the sofa next to his buddy, the pattern pillow 😉 !

If you liked this DIY, feel free to leave a little comment ♥

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Céline Lunakim

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