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DIY pillow⁠ with pattern

September 27, 2019

We are back for a new interior decoration item! Lately, I’ve been looking for the best way to include my DIYs in our apartment. After making a monstera pocket holder, I thought it would be interesting to tackle the living room. I decided to do it because we hadn’t found any cushions that we liked: too expensive, too colorful, not soft enough… It was impossible to find the right one! So we went to Ikea and bought plain, grey and white pillowcases (cotton). After a lot of research (Pinterest is life!), I decided to go for 4 different models: pompoms, patterns and embroidery. For this first article of this “mini series”, here is the tutorial of the patterned pillow. Honestly, this DIY must be one of the simplest I’ve done since the creation of my blog! I loved the final result and I am so proud to share this new tutorial with you. Let’s go ♥

What you need:

a grey cushion cover (found at Ikea’s)
a white posca
2 sheets of paper
a pair of scissors
a black pen
a piece of cardboard


Step 1/ On a draft sheet (or notebook), practice drawing the design of the tree. Proceed in steps to familiarize yourself with this drawing:

a) draw a triangle with broken lines
b) make scribbling lines to form the trunk
c) your tree will have 3 sections of branches. First draw the first section according to the model. Make lines connected from above
d) do the same for the second section
e) and the same for the third branch section
f) add poorly finished lines/loops in some areas randomly.


Step 2/ On draft paper, choose a place with color and draw the tree using the white posca (9 cm high, including the trunk). Then cut all around. This will serve as a reference model for you. Place the cut tree on the draft sheet and walk around with a pencil. Then cut out. Repeat these last two steps until you get 8 trees.


Step 3/ Place the trees on your cushion cover to create your design. For this model, I started with two rows of three trees, and one row of two trees.


Step 4/ It’s time to move on to the final drawing! Place a cardboard box inside the case to prevent the paint from transferring to the other side. Make small dots to create marks around the paper tree (see picture).


Step 5/ Draw three small points to delimit the sections of the branches, and two points for the trunk.


Step 6/ Draw the first section.


Step 7/ Draw the second section.


Step 8/ Draw the third and last section.


Step 9/ Draw the trunk.


Step 10/ Add a few lines to give it a “natural” look. Repeat these steps for the remaining 7 trees. You can choose to make only one side of the cushion, or to make both sides.

That’s it! Your beautiful cushion is now finished! Do you like the final result ? I think the result is quite amazing because it looks like the trees are printed on the textile! This effect occurs because the posca is composed of acrylic paint that will be absorbed by the fabric. To keep your creation going over time, it is recommended to iron on the back of your textile. Be careful to respect the temperature of the iron according to the material used. You can put a baking paper between the iron and the material. If you cannot iron your textile (or your material does not support ironing), fix your creation with a hair dryer, making small circular movements 30 cm from the textile (you can read the official text of the posca felt on the official website).

If you liked this DIY, feel free to leave a little comment ♥

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Céline Lunakim

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