Christmas Gift Wrap

December 22, 2017

For Christmas, I always decorated my gift with glitters, sequins, bows …

Creating a special gift with a personalized grift wrap was always something that I loved doing.

So, today, I decided to share with you this lovely Christmas gift wrap.

For this DIY, I decided to go for a starry Christmas night with snowflakes, stars, moon and of course, Christmas trees.

You can create your own pattern, or do the exact same DIY : a wonderful landscape that represent the Christmas magic that we all love.

You can find all the different steps of this DIY below !

What you need :

  • 1 paper bag
  • colored papers
  • scissors
  • paper glue
  • masking tape
  • glitter
  • paper punches (snowflakes, stars, circles)
  • sequins

Step 1 : measure the paper bag. Then choose a sheet of paper that will be the background of your winter landscape. Cut the sheet of paper using the same measures.

Step 2 : You can :

-create your own landscape by drawing on the paper sheet

-or download the different patterns that I created by clicking here. You will have to use them as exemple to get the exact size.

Step 3 : When you’re done created your landscape, you can cut the different paper elements :

  • with the white paper : Christmas trees, snow, snowflakes, moon
  • with the pastel blue paper : Christmas trees
  • with the dark blue paper : Christmas trees

Use the different paper punches to create snowflakes.

Step 4 : when all your paper elements are cut, tape them to the sheet of paper (background).

To add volume to your winter landscape, superimpose your paper elements such as the Christmas trees and the snowflakes. The layers of paper will create the illusion of volume.

Step 5 : it’s time to decorate the landscape ! Add glitters, sequins … Feel free to decorate how much you want !

You can also add sparkle stars on top of the Christmas tree (as I did on the example). To create the stars, use a gold paper and create patterns with the paper punches.

Now, all you have to do, is tape your beautiful decorated sheet of paper with double sided adhesive tape. And voilà ! Your magical personalized gift wrap is done !

And of course,  don’t forget to add your present under the Christmas tree !

Feel free to leave a comment if you liked this DIY ♥

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Céline Lunakim

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