Glitter Christmas Bauble

December 6, 2017

Today, it’s time for another DIY : a glitter Christmas bauble.

This creative activity was one of the workshop that I did at the Id Créatives workshop. It’s now time to post the tutorial of this DIY.

You can make this DIY with your friend(s), or family to enjoy Christmas!

Also, I would like to announce that lots of great projects are coming !

As many of you saw already, I didn’t upload that much these last two weeks. I had to take a short break from posting since I created creative content for DIY magazines !! I can’t tell you more for now, but I will let you know when everything is out.

Also, lots of creatives ideas and recipes will be up soon on the blog to celebrate Christmas, so stay tuned !

What you need :

1 polystyrene ball (diameter : 6 cm), sequins, pins, 2 meters of red thin ribbon, 2 paper hearts (to download below)

Before starting this DIY, print these red hearts on one sheet of paper (A4). Click here to download the pattern sheet. We will use them as example to make perfect glitter heart later.

Step 1 : Place the ribbon all around the ball to create parts (2 big parts and 4 small parts). Let 24 cm of ribbon to later tie the knot.

Then pin the ribbon to make it stay in place.

Step 2 : Cut two hearts. Place one paper heart at the center of the two big parts. Make it stay in place with a pin and a sequin. Repeat the step for the heart that’s left.

Step 3 : Stick in the pins with the green sequins inside the polystyrene ball. Make sure that the curved side is facing you.

To maintain the ribbon in place, cover a bit the ribbon with the sequins.

Cover all the parts with green sequins.

Step 4 : Then cover the heart with red sequins, using the same method as for the green sequins.

Step 5 : Then make a pretty knot on top of the ball. Don’t forget to remove the pin from the ribbon side pieces on the ball.

Your beautiful Christmas bauble is all done ! All you have to do now, is to find the perfect place to hang your DIY : on the Christmas tree, on the chimney, on the door’s entrance …

Here are few examples of this lovely DIY that the girls made during the Id Créatives workshop 🙂

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