Thank You – Id Créatives Workshop 2017

November 15, 2017

This week-end, the ID creatives workshop happened in Clermont-Ferrand, inside the Grande Halle d’Auvergne.

For 4 days, you were able to stroll through the differents stalls and workshops.

During 2 days, I hosted Christmas DIY workshops : embroidered bookmark, Christmas bauble, and embroidered Christmas cards ! You were able to decorate your DIY with lovely materials such as glitters, gold and silver pencils, shiny beads …

I would like to thank all of you for your lovely enthusiasm and participation !
A lot of you came : children, teenagers, and adults … Everyone was here !
We created together beautiful handmade DIY in a festive and hearty mood. Each one of you, came back home with a BIG SMILE, and one or four creations !
I met lovely people, and even discover my first subscribers / readers  !

The workshops went really well and had lots of success (wich I didn’t expect) ! It was such a blast and I’m really really thankful !
I’m so sorry for those who couldn’t participate to the workshops. We had limited seats for each workshop. But good news for you guys : the different workshops will be up soon on the blog. Also, I’m going to create DIY kits for children and adults ! It will be available first on the French website, and then on the English website.

You will find below all the pictures of the different workshops 🙂

A huge thanks to all of the participants who came for the workshops :

Céline, Lise, Marie-France, Aurélien, Betty, Aurélie, Camille, Lili, Ludivine, Juliette, Cléo, Nicolas, Pauline, Chloé, Manon, Laurianne, Stéphanie, Marie-Christine, Leelou, Maëlys, Aurélie, Agathe… and all the others !

Thank you so much ♥

Céline Lunakim





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