How to Make a Terrarium

February 23, 2018

The terrarium is a mini garden that will enhance your interior and give a green and fresh feel to your home.

It’s made with plants, rocks, moss and can be open or closed.

As promised in my last blog post, today I will explain how to create your own vegetal mini world !

You can keep it for you to enhance your interior, or give it away to someone special.

If you want, you can choose others terrariums such as a glass jar, a bowl, a closed bell jar … There is a large variety of terrariums for every taste and at different prices.

You cand find terrariums in any home decor or garden store.

For this DIY, I used a succulent called “Crassula”. There are lots of variety of plants that can be used in a terrarium such as succulents, ferns, cacti …

Depending on your terrarium (open or closed), you can’t have the same type of plants. If you’re not sure, you can always ask for advice in the garden store.

Finally, try to keep your terrarium as minimalist as possible (do not use many plants), because the plants will need space to grow.

Here is the step by step tutorial on how to make an open terrarium easily :

what you need :

a terrarium (or glass jar), a small plant, some potting soil, some pebbles/rocks, moss, and a rope

Before starting to create your terrarium, clean it with hot water and soap, then rince it and dry it.

1/ Fill the bottom of the terrarium with rocks or pebbles (4 to 5 cm). This will create a false drainage layer so water can settle and not flood the plant.

2/ Add the potting soil on top of the rocks (about 5 cm). Remember to humidify the potting soil before going to the next step.

3/ Dig a well in the potting soil using your fingers or a spoon, and place your plant. Then compact the potting soil down around the base of the plants using your fingers.

4/ Then add the moss and other elements on top of the potting soil to decorate the terrarium.

5/ If you want to hang your terrarium, all you have to do is to tie a knot with a rope.

To keep your terrarium for a long time, and your plants alive, remember to place your terrarium in indirect light near a window. The direct light from the sun will burn your plants through the glass.

And now you have your beautiful handmade open terrarium !

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Céline Lunakim

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