Fall Garland

October 14, 2017

It’s time for another DIY !

After the pine cones fall wreath, here comes the fall garland.

With a small budget and a bit of time, you can make a lovely home decor for your house with this tutorial.

For this DIY, I tried to use different material as much as I could : wood, paper, ribbon, painting …. There is a lot of gold too : gold painting, gold pine cones, gold ribbon : a foretaste of the festive period who is coming soon !!! Although, I keep working on the different workshop that I will hold at the creative trade in November (more informations soon I promise ? ). I’m trying to organize the material necessary for those DIY. My “atelier”is trying to resist to this huge storm composed of pearls, wood, glitter, glue, paper …. But it’s important to have all this material in order to create beautiful and creative blog posts every week !

I hope you will like this DIY as much as I enjoyed doing it

What you need :

6 pine cones, gold spray painting, 1 big branch, scissor, pencil, clear double sided adhesive tape, white pencil, a magazine, orange thick paper, gold ribbon

Step 1 : To make this « Autumn » bunting flag, there is 2 ways :

1 – Download the flag I made, print it, and cut it. To download the cute bunting flag, click here.

2 – Or choose a thick paper (I went with orange), download the flag I made, print it, and use it as a model (cf. 3 images below for detailed explanation).

Use the printed flag as a model. Line around the flag with a pencil.

Cut the paper into a flag using a sharp scissor.

Trace the « Autumn » word using my exemple as a model. Then fill in with a white pen. Ta-da ! Your bunting flag is done 🙂

It’s time for the fun part now !

Step 2 : Use the gold spray to paint all the pine cones. Be carefull to choose pine cones with large scales : it will be easier to paint the interior. Tip : paint outside your home and cover your ground with magazine to prevent any stain.

Then let dry for one hour.

Step 3 : It’s time to think about the hanging process. Cut 20 cm of ribbon. Then, encircle the pine cone with the rubban and tie a knot. This trick allows to hold the pine cone without seeing the ribbon inside.

Step 4 : The pine cone need to hang vertically. To achieve this, the ribbon need to zigzag between the scales (cf. sketch on image above). If the pine cones scales are very tight, it’s going to be difficult to maintain the ribbon. Tip : use a scissors or a q-tip to push the ribbon deeply inside the pine cone.

Step 5 : Cut a little piece (less than 1cm) of clear double side adhesive tape and paste it on the top of the pine cone. Paste the ribbon on the other side of the clear double side adhesive tape. Repeat these steps for the 5 remaining pine cones.

Step 6 : To finish the bunting flag, we need to had the ribbon (cf. image). This will make the bunting flag more pretty, and allow us to hang this flag to the branch (like the pine cones). Cut 2 ribbons of 20 cm. Then cut 2 pieces of clear double side adhesive tape (same lenght as the bunting flag). Paste the adhesive tape on each side of the flag (cf. image) and paste your ribbon on top.

Step 7 : Then hang the pine cones and the bunting flag to the branch. Tie a knot around the branch with each ribbon.

Tip : Attach your bunting flag in the branch’s middle. Hang the pine cones following the exemple above (cf. image).


Voilà ! A beautiful garland !

I hope that you like this DIY. Feel free to leave a comment

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