Pine Cones Fall Wreath

October 7, 2017

The leaves are beginning to fall … Which means that it’s time to decorate our house and interior with Fall inspiration.

Here is my latest DIY : a pine cones wreath.
You can display your wreath at the center of a table, you can hang it at your front door, or in your room … There are so many possibilities !
For this DIY, I decided to go all natural. However, you can add a nice ribbon if you want to, or even use other foliages such as bracken, or yew tree.

Without further ado, let’s get into this Fall DIY[themify_icon icon=”fa-leaf” icon_color=”#ffa21f”]

What you need :

hanger, bag of pine cones, old magazine, glue gun, large adhesive tape, large ribbon (optional).

Step 1 : Bend a hanger to form a circle. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect since we are going to cover it up later.

Step 2 : Use a metal clamp to bend the hanger hook. Then, add adhesive tape around it. It will maintain the hanger hook in place and prevent you from getting hurt.

Step 3 : Cut all the magazine’s pages. You can tear them if you want (no need to be precise).
For this DIY, I used the entire magazine (about 70 pages). Tip : remove the front and back cover since they are too thick to be torn.

Step 4 : Take few pages and torn them together around the hanger.

Step 5 : Then, wrap large adhesive tape around the paper. Repeat these steps until the wreath is fully cover.
You can add another layer of paper and adhesive tape to make a bigger wreath.

When you’re done, your wreath will look like this (see picture above).
We can now move to the fun part which is adding the pine cones. ?

Step 6 : Heat glue gun. In the meantime, display newspapers on your table to protect it from the heat.
Then take one pine cone and add glue on the pine cone’s back.

Step 7 : Before the glue dry, place the pine cone on the wreath and strongly press. Repeat these steps until the wreath is fully cover with cute pine cones.



And voilà ! You just have to find a place where you can hang your wreath !

I really hope that you like this Fall DIY. Feel free to leave a comment

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