Pressed Flowers Frame XXL

May 4, 2018

Nature, flowers, and poetic ideas …

Remember, many months ago, I shared this lovely flowers framed in a mini version (click here for the tutorial), and today, here comes the XXL version !

I wanted to do this great project for a while now, but time was missing… For this tutorial, I had to organized myself for few weeks in advance between picking up the flowers (last month was a rainy one!), letting them dry, taking pictures, writing the blog post… But it was worth it !

I find that this DIY make a perfect home decor. You can see it as a huge herbarium, or as a floral frame 🙂

This is a wall decoration in a very natural mood, that will bring light, and green vibes to any room ! I love the idea that these flowers are going to stay intact inside this frame, no matter the season… A very poetic DIY as usual !

Here is the step by step tutorial to create this big pressed flowers frame !

What you need : 

a big frame, a huge sheet of white paper (same size as the frame if possible), scissors, flowers, heavy books to press the flowers, paper glue, 2 A4 sheets of white paper

1/ Pick up flowers when you’re going out. Try to pick different types and colours of flowers to make it more interesting.

Press the flowers into heavy books. Place the flowers into the two A4 sheets of white paper, and put it inside a book. The sheets of paper are going to absorb the humidity of the flowers.

Tip : to get the “perfect pressed flowers”, press the flowers for at least four to seven days.

2/ Cut the big sheet of paper the same size as your frame using scissors. Then put the sheet of paper on top of the back of the frame (cf image).

Place delicately the dried flowers one by one on top of the paper sheet. Create your arrangement of pressed flowers. (My frame was bigger than my sheet of paper, so I decided to let appear the back of the frame at the bottom and at the top : cf image).

3/ When you’re happy with the result, add delicately glue behind each flowers using paper glue.

4/ Add the frame and the glass pane on top of your composition. Be careful to not move around the pressed flowers.

5/ Secure the frame.

Your beautiful pressed flowers frame is done ! What do you think ? 🙂

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Céline Lunakim

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