Christmas Napkins

December 16, 2017

Christmas is right around the corner, so here comes another Christmas DIY : glitter Christmas napkins.

There is only one week left until Christmas, so I thought that it was time to upload an easy and great DIY to decorate your table.

I love to create each year a new theme for Christmas season. This year, I decided to go with the red and glitter silver colours. You already saw a hint with my heart pine cones wreath post.

For this DIY, I decided to customize napkins. You can also do the same for your Christmas tablecloth and create a lovely matching set !

What you need :

 paper punches (snowflakes, rounds, stars), heat glitter transfer paper for fabric, napkins

Step 1 : Cut the patterns into the transfer paper using the different paper punches. For this DIY, I used snowflakes, stars and rounds but you can choose any other patterns such a Christmas tree, hearts, angels …

Step  2 : Before using you iron, place you patterns on top of the napkin. Think on how you want to place them.  You can create different patterns for each napkins.

Step 3 : Then paste the patterns on the napkin using the iron. Since every heat transfer paper is different, follow the printable heat transfer material instructions that are given with your paper. Repeat this step for the remaining napkins.

And you’re done ! You beautiful Christmas napkins are all made, and they will be the perfect decoration on your Christmas table !

Feel free to leave a comment if you liked this DIY ♥

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Céline Lunakim

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