Spring Bookmark

May 9, 2018

Beautiful days, hot weather … It’s time to chill out with your favorite book !

Here is the perfect DIY for your afternoon tea : a spring bookmark. For this tutorial, I mixed few techniques such as watercolor and quilling.

This pretty bookmark will brighten up your book ! The poetic and floral vibes will make it a lot easier to find your page ! As usual, you can use any other colours you want, and create your own bookmark using the elements that you like. This post is in collaboration with the magazine Il était une fois dans l’Ouest (french magazine).


You can find the full version of the magazine online here. Let’s jump right into this DIY, shall we ? 🙂

What you need :

2 sheets of thick paper (pink and white), colored sheets of paper (green and yellow), paper glue, pink paint (watercolor or acrylic), scissors, paint brush, white gel pencil, toothpick (optional)

1/ Cut the thick pink paper in a rectangular shape : 18,5 cm by 5 cm.

2/ For the flowers :

Draw flowers (or circles) on the white thick paper. Don’t be precise. Use the paint brush and a bit of water to humidify the paper. Then, dip your brush into the pink paint. Drop paint in the center of your flowers (or circles). Let dry. The paint is going to create different patterns following the water. Repeat this step for all the flowers you draw.

When everything is dry, cut the flowers. Leave a white outerline all around the flowers. It will create the petals of the flowers.

3/ For the leaves :

Cut 5 thin stripes of green paper (0,5 mm by 22 cm). Use your fingers (or the toothpick) to wrap the paper stripe on itself. Add glue. Pinch the two ends to create the leaves. Repeat this step for the remaining stripes.

4/ Create your composition, and use paper glue to fix it on the bookmark.

5/ Using a white gel pencil, draw the stems of the flowers. Add flowers branches on each side of the bookmark. Then, add small yellow cutted circles to create other flowers.


Your beautiful bookmark is finished ! Now all you have to do, is to find your favorite place to chill out, and start reading your favorite book ….

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Céline Lunakim

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