Feather Frame

April 18, 2018

After my embroidered frame, here comes a new frame DIY !

Since few weeks, I’m trying to decorate my office and my bedroom with new ideas. After thinking a lot, I decided to create a DIY to embellish the room where I spend most of my time, which is my office space.

Being a huge fan of anything feather, I decided to redo my embroidered frame in a mordern way. At first, I was not so sure of the result … but now that it’s finished, I’m really happy with the final look ! So I decided to share this tutorial with you guys !

Happy DIY ❤

What you need : 

one box (rectangular shape), thick white paper, 75 cm of electric copper wire (diameter : 1,5), plier, cutter, glue, double sided adhesive tape, paper glue

For the box :

1/ Measure the box. Cut pieces of paper the same size as the box.

2/ Cover the box using the paper pieces. Use paper glue or double sided adhesive tape to glue the paper to the box.

For the feather :

3/ Take the electric wire, and remove the plastic cover. Make a notch all around inside the plastic cover using the cutter.

Tip : proceed by small lenghts (around 9 cm) to make it easy. The wire need to be straight in order to do that.


Then hold firmly the wire, and pull the plastic cover using your hands with a twisting motion (cf image). Repeat this step until your wire is completely “nude”.

4/ Then bend the copper wire to obtain a feather form. Follow the images above.

5/ Glue the end of the wire to the top of the feather to maintain it in place (cf image). All you have to do left is to glue the copper wire feather to the box ! And the magic happen !

Your beautiful feather frame is done ! You can hang it on a wall, or display it on a shelf, depending on your preferences …

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Céline Lunakim

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