Easter Decoration

March 28, 2018

After a long break on the blog (working on both DIY workshops and the collaboration with Foire de Lyon), I’m finally back with a new DIY blog post !

Only few days ago was the beginning of Spring season.

For this fresh and colored season, I will share with you many new trendy DIYs, to make your interior reallly gorgeous and creative !

In order to wait, here is a special paper DIY, a decorative mobile, to celebrate Easter !

You will also be able to find on Friday on the blog, a delicious recipe to decorate your cake for the Easter dinner … But shhhhhhhhhhhhh ! I can’t tell you more for now ! ?

I’m so excited to share all this with you guys !

For now, you can find all the details down below to create a cute Easter decoration !

Happy DIY !

What you need :

scissors, some wood beads, double sided adhesive tape, a pencil, ivy (real or fake), branch, some feathers, blue and purple ribbon, the A4 sheet of pattern to download below, white thread, colored sheets of paper (brown, yellow and purple), and 2 fake butterflies (optional)

Before starting, click here to download and print the pattern on one A4 sheet of white paper.

1/ Cut the patterns using scissors : the big rabbit and the small rabbit.

2/ Then place the cutted patterns on top of each sheet of colored paper. Line around the drawing with a pencil and cut them.

You will need to have 4 small rabbits (1 yellow, 2 purple, 1 brown), et 3 big rabbits (1 brown, 1 yellow, 1 purple).

3/ Create your composition by placing all your elements (beads, ribbons, butterflies …) like a garland (see image above).

4/ When you’re happy with the result, you can now fix your elements to create the Easter mobile.

Cut 5 threads at the same length (around 18 cm). Turn your elements on the reverse side and add small pieces of double sided adhesive tape. Then paste the thread to the adhesive tape. It will fix all the elements to the thread.

5/ When all your garlands are done, tie them to the branch. Attach the ivy by turning it around the branch.


You beautiful Easter decoration is now all done ! You can place it in the living room to please your guests, or in any other room to decor your interior !

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Céline Lunakim

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