Christmas Embroidered Bookmark

November 17, 2017

Christmas is approaching, and it’s time for another DIY : embroidered bookmark.

This bookmark had a great success during the Id Créatives workshop in Chermont-Ferrand. This DIY is for both children and adults since it’s so easy to made.

It can be a great activity to do with your family, alone, or even with a bunch of your creative friends.

Also, I would like to tell you guys, that I’m going to launched DIY KITS next week on the blog ! Christmas baubles and cute Christmas mobile will be for sale 😀 They will be only available on the french website since I’m living in France and that most of my activities are in France. If you are interested you can still check the DIY KITS on the French website and contact me (here) to see if it’s possible for me to ship where you live ! Later on, I might be able to launch my DIY KITS on the English version of my website (this one). So stay tuned !

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this festive DIY ❤.

What you need :

thick green paper (17 cm x 5 cm), gold and silver pencils (Posca), gold thread, scissors, needle, paper punch, cardboard, 5 m of silver wool

Step 1 : Cut the thick green paper in a rectangular shape : 17 cm by 5 cm. Use the example above for the measures (if you want, you can download it by clicking here).

Step 2 : Perforate the paper using a needle. Follow the drawing lines you made using the example above.

Step 3 : Embroider the “present box” using the gold thread and a needle.

To prevent your paper from tearing up, place your bookmark on a flat surface, then hold it using your two fingers.

Step 4 : Decorate the bookmark with gold and silver pencils : snowflakes, Christmas trees, stars, diamonds …

Step 5 : Make a tassel :

Cut 5 meters of wool thread. Tie it around the cardboard (lenght 12 cm).

Remove carefully the thread from the cardboard.

Use a piece of wool thread (22 cm) and tie it tightly in the middle of the wool bundle.

Fold the tassel in half.

Use another piece of wool thread (22 cm) and tie it tightly to create the “head” of your tassel.

Cut and trim the ends with your scissors.

Here is the recap of the making ot the tassel.

Step 7 : Perforate the top of the bookmark. Then tie the tassel to the bookmark.


Voilà ! Your beautiful Christmas embroidered tassel bookmark is all done ! All you have to do is find your favorite book, and enjoy reading with your lovely bookmark.

Feel free to leave a comment if you liked this DIY ♥

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Céline Lunakim

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