Hand Painted Mug

May 25, 2018

Another day, another tutorial !

Today I’m gonna share with you the DIY mug painting using Posca pen. Mother’s day is in two days here in France, and I thought that it was the perfect gift to make for my mother who really likes tea. But you can also make this DIY for yourself or a friend !

I draw a floral pattern, representing two lovely dandelions for a natural mood …

Happy DIY ❤

What you need : 

ceramic or porcelain mug, a gold Posca pen (or any other colour you want), a pencil, the A4 sheet of pattern

1/ Before starting, print the A4 sheet of pattern (click here to download).

Then draw on top of the mug, using a pencil.

2/ Now it’s time to add some colour ! Before starting, try the Posca pen on the bottom of the mug.

Then draw the pattern following the lines that you already made using the Posca pen. Be precise and careful to prevent any mistakes. Then let it dry.

3/ Bake in oven :

  • for a ceramic mug : 45 minutes at 220°.
  • for a porcelain mug : 45 minutes at 160°.

To keep your drawing from fading, it’s better to wash the mug with cold or warm water by hand (because it’s not suitable for dishwasher use).

Your beautiful hand painted mug is done ! All you have to do is add a lovely bow to it, and it’s a wrap !

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Céline Lunakim

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