Upcycling Spring Frame

February 10, 2018

I’m back with a new creative blog post : an upcycling spring frame.

In this turorial, I explain how to realize this poetic DIY that I created. (This DIY was in one of the DIY workshop I hosted at the event salon des loisirs créatifs et du fil at Saint-Etienne).

It can be a frame or a mobile (to see the fall version, click here).

This DIY is for both adults and children.

Happy DIY !

What you need : 

camembert box, black, white and silver pencils, adhesive strass, flower sequins, one yellow feather, blue spray, double sided adhesive tape, thick colored papers (yellow, light green, pastel pink, brown, purple) scissors, cutter, paper glue, and the A4 sheet of patterns to download below

Step 1 : print the patterns on one A4 sheet of white paper (click here to download the example). Then cut the patterns one by one using scissors.

Step 2 : place the cutted patterns on the thick colored papers. Line around the drawings with a pencil (branch : brown paper – bird : yellow paper – flower : purple and pink paper – leaf : green paper). Then cut them using scissors.

Step 3 : for the bird : layer the printed part (cutted in step 1) on top of the body part of the bird (yellow paper).

Step 4 : decorate the bird :

-draw the plumage with a white pencil. Draw the bird’s claws with the black pencil. It will add volume to your paper figurine.

-cut pieces of double sided adhesive tape and fix it on the “belly” of the bird. Then paste small pieces of feather on top of the adhesive tape.

-add one adhesive strass to create the eye of the bird.

Step 5 : draw patterns and lines on the flowers and the leaf using a black pencil.

Step 6 : add the flower sequins and the white dots. Add the adhesive strass in the middle of the paper flowers.

Step 7 : then create your « canvas » (frame).

Step 8 : place your canvas on top of the box. The paper figurines need to overpass the wooden circle (cf. image).

Step 9 : on each side of the camembert box, make notches with the paper cutter. The notches needs to correspond to the paper figurines.

Step 10 : spray blue paint inside and outside the camembert box (or any color you want). Let dry.

Step 11 : take you paper cutter and remove any dry paint into the notches. Then install the paper figurines inside the notches.
Add glue to layer the papers (the flowers and the bird and the branch).

And voilà ! All you have to do is find a place to hang your beautiful and lovely spring frame !

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