Spring Card

January 24, 2018

Here is a new DIY : a paper spring card !

After a hectic month (organizing and creating DIY for workshop events, creation of private and professional workshops in France, and collaborations with DIY magazines), it was time to make a new DIY blog post.

Despite the gray weather of this month, I decided to share with you, a DIY who feels like spring is coming.

This beautiful card is made with paper elements (flowers and leaves), flowers buttons, and drawings.

For the buttons, you can find them on the french website of the creator Butterfly couture ! Each button is a tiny piece of art. You can use them for scrapbooking or sewing crafts. And there are plenty of choices : sea, pets, nature … For me, I loved (and love) the flowers one (that I use for this card).

Without any further ado, let’s get into this DIY !


What you need :

  • colored papers : pink, yellow, dark green, light green
  • glue
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • white pencil
  • colored buttons
  • 2 paper punches : flowers and leaves


Step 1 : Using a paper punch, cut leaves. Use different colours to create depth for the spring landscape that we are going to create.

Step 2 : Do the same process for the flowers. For this DIY I decided to go with pink and light yellow. You can add other colours if you want to. Remember to use at least two colours in order to create depth.

Step 3 : Cut the card into the light green paper in a rectangle shape : 22 cm (length) by16 cm (height). Then put the paper elements on the card. Try different combinaitions. When you’re happy with the result, add glue.

Step 4 : It’s now time to do the final steps ! Paste double sided adhesive tape to the back of the flowers buttons in order to make them stay on the paper card.

Step 5 : Using a white pencil, draw light flower branches on the side of the card. I know that sometimes drawing can be hard for you guys, so here is my tip : first draw thin lines to creates the branches. Then draw small dots to create the flowers. This pattern is so easy to make, and you’re sure that it’s going to look super clean and fresh !

And voilà ! Your beautiful handmade paper card is all done ! You can give it as a gift to someone, or keep it to brighten your interior !

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Céline Lunakim

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