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October 14, 2019

It’s time to blow out the candles! The blog is now 2 years (and 3 days old) and it is time for me to review this new year of blogging. It was a very busy period, with many creations, challenges, workshops, & collaborations. From June 18, 2018 until today, I have worked tirelessly on new DIYs, large-scale events, and I have also developed my company (for those who have recently joined me, my blog is both a creative journal, & a showcase for my various services).

If I had to choose two words to define this year, I would go for WORKSHOP & CHANGE. Indeed, the workshops were a great success and I received more and more requests. Between individuals (EVJF, birthday…) and professionals (CE, party, Christmas tree, shopping center…), I didn’t see the time passed.

Many changes have been made with the design of the new blog (made by my other half ♥), the improvement of the photos, the development of my Instagram page, the new logo, the new business cards… And to close these many changes, I recently moved into an apartment with my lover. We have repainted the doors, window frames, wooden floors… I also have a new space for my workshop, very bright & spacious: the dream ♥ !

This year was once again marked by many collaborations:

*The workshops

The most significant was my performance for Le Grand Hotel Dieu, where I hosted workshops in two afternoons for 80 people. I also hosted workshops for the Town Hall of Décines-Charpieu for 108 people. I collaborated on workshops for Les Galeries Lafayette, and also for a private evening for a luxury brand.

I embarked once again on a “creative tour” where I was able to lead workshops in different cities in France: Lyon, Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Saint-Etienne & Brive la Gaillarde.

*The brands

This year, I had the chance to work with Popcarte, Aladine, Nioposthumus, Tafsquare, Capitola, & Perles & Co.


As you know, I regularly produce DIY tutorials for renowned creative magazines. I was able to collaborate with ADN (Atelier des Nanas), Il était une fois in L’ouest, Créative, La tribu des idées, and the Danish magazine Hendes Verden.

*The interviews

During this second year of blogging, I participated in 2 interviews/podcasts: one for Radio France Bleu, and one for Radio Scoop! I was able to talk about my career and explain my passion for DYIs… A great experience! I was also filmed during my workshops in Décines for a short film about creative artisan… ? But I can’t tell you more about it at the moment ?

It has been a very busy year, where sometimes I didn’t have enough time to come here and propose some DIY… I finally have time for that, and propose you to discover my latest DIY, a watercolor floral poster. For this new tutorial, here are the steps to create this illustration ♥.


What you need:

  • watercolour paper
  • paintbrush
  • watercolor painting
  • white pen (gel type)
  • pencil


1/ Take a sheet and cut it to obtain a rectangle of 15 cm (width) by 21 cm (height). To create the background, I chose 3 colors: pastel pink, khaki green and light green. Wet your paper a little bit at the desired place (using your brush), then add colors to create spots. This will serve as a background for the illustration. Let it dry.


2/ Draw different branches with a pencil. You can find many examples on Pinterest. You can also download my model here and trace it.


3/ With the help of the paint, begin to gently fill the branches, then the leaves and finally the flowers. Take your time.


Start with light colours first, then gradually add dark colours. Let it dry.


4/ To make your illustration look better, you can add white pen strokes to create reflections (it depends on the style of illustration you like). Let it dry.


Now you just have to find a small place to pin your illustration, and that’s it! What do you think of that? Do you like this type of DIY? ? For my part, I found it very relaxing, and I recommend it to all those who are fans of bullet journal!


To conclude this article, I would like to thank all my readers, who have been following me for two years now. Thank you for your support, for your comments, for your participation in my workshops, & for your compliments! A big thank you also to all the people who have trusted me until now, whether it was for the creation of an event, the realization of a DIY, the animation of a workshop, or the introduction of certain products… A big thank you also to all the people who support me daily: my family, Mathias (my lover), my friends… Thank you all ♥


If you liked this DIY, feel free to leave a little comment ♥

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Céline Lunakim

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