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September 19, 2018

For the first DIY of this month, I decided to team up with Popcarte for an exclusive collaboration.

Few weeks ago, I’ve been contacted by Popcarte, an online cards shop, to discover their latest products… Being a huge fan of cards, I was really happy to collaborate with them on this special project.

Popcarte is an online shop, offering a wide range of personalized cards for all occasions. Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Congratulations, Baby announcement, Kids and adults birthday announcement … It’s impossible to not find THE card that match your taste !

The concept of this shop is to let you choose the card that match your style and event, and then to personalise it according to your preferences : text, photo, number… The point is to create unique personalised cards, to share your life with your love ones, and to send a heartfelt greeting.

For this September, Popcarte created new adult birthday invitations, to invite all your cool people ? Celebrating my birthday in November, I thought that it was an excellent idea to boost my basic invitations. I decided to choose the «tropical birthday» card, for a fresh and colored announcement !

Popcarte allow you to choose from a variety of envelopes, to go with your invitations : brown, white, ivory, blue… I choose light pastel pink envelopes, to stay in the fresh and colored vibe.

After receiving my order, I decided to personalised my envelopes, since I’m a total addict to DIY ! So here comes the tutorial !


What you need :

envelopes from Popcarte, white pen, black pen, washi tape, scissors

1/ For the first example, use the washi tape.

Cut few stripes of washi tape to create a geometric pattern. Play with them until you’re happy with the result.

Then paste them on the envelope, following your own pattern (don’t forget to leave the place for the adress).

Feel free to create different pattern on each side of the envelope.

Repeat this step on the remaining envelopes.

2/ For the second example, use the white pen.

Create a vegetal and cute pattern.

Draw small lines, then add little leaves.

3/ Use the black pen, and outline the white pattern you just draw.

Repeat this step on the remaining envelopes.

And ta-da ! All you have to do is writing the adresses and you’re done !

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Céline Lunakim

This blog post is a sponsored collaboration with Popcarte.


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