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Paper Flower Headband

September 28, 2018

Another day, another tutorial ! It’s only the beginning of Fall season, and the nature outside is still very green and abundant… So I decided to create a special DIY in harmony with the weather. For this tutorial, here is a flower crown made with paper. It can be for your kids, or even for yourself for a special event (bachelorette party, girls party…).

All the different steps are explained down below to help you out for the making of the headband. When I created this DIY, I decided to mix nature and poetry together, for a lovely tutorial.

This blog post is a collaboration with the french magazine Il était une fois dans l’Ouest. To know more about the magazine, you can click right here to read it ! Without further ado, let’s jump right into the DIY

What you need :

one purple ribbon, glue, glitter (optional), paper punches, colored thick paper


1/ Cut flowers and leaves into the thick colored paper using paper punches.

2/ Create your pattern.

3/ Paste your paper elements on top of the ribbon using glue (cf image).

4/ Let dry. You can add glitters to make it more cute.

And now it’s time to be crowned ! 🙂

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Kid photography by : Eilean & Jules Photographie

Céline Lunakim

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