Halloween Mobile

October 20, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time for another DIY !

For this special Halloween edition, I decided to create a “cute” Halloween mobile. Witch, black cat, pumpkin … all the basics are here for a perfect Halloween decoration.
This DIY is for adult and children (who likes to do everything themselves ).
The mobile is made with little paper figurines that I draw. You can download them (for free as usual) down below.
I hope you will enjoy this fun and cute Halloween mobile !
Let’s get started

What you need :

little wooden circle (embroidery hoop or cutted camembert box), fork, scissors, glue, pencil, drawings to print, black thread, 3 sheets of thick paper (purple, orange, black), 3 wool yarns (purple, orange, black)

Step 1 : Click here to download the patterns. Print the A4 sheet on white paper, then cut all the patterns.

Step 2 : Take one sheet of thick paper and use the printed pattern as a model. Line around the drawings with a pencil (orange paper : pumpkins – purple paper : witches – black paper : cats).

Step 3 : Cut the patterns using a sharp scissor.

Step 4 : To hang your witch on the wooden circle : cut 30 cm of black thread and tie it to the bottom and top of the wooden circle (cf. image).


Step 5 : Take the 2 paper figurines witches and place them on the middle of the thread. Then paste the back of one of the paper figurines with glue. Place the thread between the 2 paper figurines. Then press the 2 paper figurines together to fix it.

Step 6 : To make the bottom garland : cut 20 cm of black thread and tie it to the bottom of the wooden circle. Paste the cats and pumpkins paper figurines with thread and glue (as we did for the witches paper figurines).

Step 7 : Now it’s time to make tassel wool ! Follow the steps on the image below to make your 6 colored tassels.

Step 8 : Use the thread left to attach the tassel to the wooden circle. Repeat this step for all the tassels.

Step 9 : To hang your mobile tie a black thread to the top of the wooden circle.

And voilà ! A beautiful handmade Halloween mobile.

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