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Kokedama DIY workshop
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September 26, 2018

Here is a throwback on a very special event that I had the pleasure to host !

Few weeks ago, I organized and hosted a DIY workshop for a bachelorette party, here in France. For this event, the future bride to be decided to create a kokedama, which is a floral art from Japan. Kokedama is an ancient Japanese art of growing plants in moss-covered balls of soil.

The moss will be mixed with clay and string, to create a solid ball, where the roots of the plant will grow and transform into a delicate and poetic art form. This floral art allowed you to have plants all over your place. You can hang your Kokedama, inside or outside, according to your preference. (If you want to learn another floral art, click here to check the terrarium tutorial !).

During the 2 hours of the workshop, we created 11 kokedama, step by step, in a really fun and friendly mood. Every participant made his own kokedama, and learned all the basics of this floral art. This event was the perfect occasion to relax and create something with our own two hands. Despite all the participants being total newbies, everyone came back home with their lovely moss balls, and really proud and amazed by their work !

Everyone enjoyed the event, as you can see  on the pictures 🙂

I had so much fun hosting this bachelorette party event ! I would like to thanks all of my “students for a day” who participated  :  Anne-Laure, Nia, Helene, Marianne, Claire, Laura,  Camille, Marianne, Jean-Baptiste, Myriam, and Emanuelle !


I’m hosting DIY workshop for evry occasions : birthday party, bachelorette party, team building, special event … So feel free to contact me at for your future event !

Lots of love


Céline Lunakim

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