August 9, 2017

Story of my little guy.

After receiving many questions about my cat – what’s his name ? How old is he ? Female or male ? – I decided that it was time to introduce him.

His name is Caramel, he’s 5 years old and he’s a lovely boy !

We adopted him 3 years ago at a refuge called SPA. Since he was already adult at that time, nobody wanted to adopt him … He stayed 6 months in a little cage !
When he saw us, he was so happy and did everything to get our attention. We got emotional and decided to adopt him.

We didn’t know his real birth date or his name from before… So we decided to keep the name they gave him at the refuge to make him less confused.

Since I’m a pet lover, you will sometimes (well, many times) see him on my Instagram pictures (when he’s agree to take selfies of course !)

Nap time                            Looking fabulous                        Working with mommy                         Sunbath

If you want to have an animal one day, remember that adopting is a great way to give a chance to abandoned animals. There are still too much animals who are abandoned every year …
If you really like animals but can’t afford one (or don’t have enough time), you can always go to a pet cafe and play with them. You can also volonteer at a refuge next to your place, and spend some time with lovely animals !

Happy summer holidays,


Céline Lunakim & Caramel








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