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Loisirs Créatifs et Fil Workshop

February 11, 2018

The creative workshop event at Saint-Etienne is already over, and here come the pictures of the DIY workshops.

Despite the terrible weather (snow storm on Friday) at Saint-Etienne, a lot of you came to create DIYs !

Children, teenagers, and adults came in a cozy mood.

During 3 days, I hosted Spring DIY workshops : bird mobile, starry night bookmark, spring frame, and jewerly box ! !

I met wonderful people and share lots of creative ideas this week-end !

In order to wait for the next DIY workshop event, here are the photos of some of your DIYs  ?

Trying to make the “spring frame mobile”

Really happy people with their lovely creations !

Two beautiful heart shape boxes realized with lots of care

This lovely girl was so happy and proud to show her sparkling box !

Everyone is quiet and focused : the bird is starting to look like a real one !

“Starry night” bookmarks made by little hands

One more beautiful heart shape box !

An adult who’s really proud of her beautiful mobile !

A huge thanks to all of the participants who came to the DIY workshops :

Oriane, Adea, Christelle, Marion, Alane, Maelie, Lauriane, Martine, Cécile, Laure, Constance, Mayé, Lisa, Jade, Coline, Claire, Chloé, Lysa, Rose, Line, Louane, Alexia, Meline, Taïssa, Lilly, Louise, Lilou, Mahé, Eva, Eléonor, Mine, Fayï, Cirielle, Garence, Julie, Danielle, Elay, Camille, Billy, Lana, Alia, Sarah, Eloïse, Emilie, Malory, Lise … and all the others !

Thousand thanks for your creativity, kindness and compliments on my creations ❤

Thank you so much ♥

Céline Lunakim

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