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September 4, 2019

I am back on the blog, after a well-deserved break ? ! This year, I took the time in August to breathe a little, while working at a quieter pace. I also took the opportunity to go for a day in Annecy (a big crush for this beautiful city). I then worked on the back-to-school projects, the various events, the blog and the articles. I also took advantage of this calmer period to better organize my planning for the start of the school year, which promises to be more than full of events! Yippee! Workshops & events are planned until January 2020 ?

I have prepared some superb articles for you, with in perspective, many DIY home deco (in connection with the new apartment), recipes, illustrations… I look forward to showing you all this!

I have also rethought the concept of the Newsletter, and I would like to inform you that once a month, you will receive an exclusive newsletter (for subscribers). There will be a small summary of the articles of the month, as well as a special recipe, an illustration to print or exclusive contests. So don’t hesitate to subscribe!

For this new school year, I have given a lot of thought to the question: the blog and/or instagram? Indeed, more and more people are putting their blogs aside for the benefit of the social networking giant. However, the blog remains a unique source of creativity that can never (in my opinion) be replaced by Instagram. Instagram is here to make us dream with its image gallery and showing us an idyllic (or even unreal) side of everyday life. For my part, I try to use it as a tool to develop my audience and visibility. I really like it when you comment on my creations, or when you share your ideas. I think that’s awesome! For as long as I could, I will continue to feed the blog with nice articles, and lots of new DIY!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my readers: there are more than 450 of you on Pinterest, and more than 1000 on Instagram to follow my adventure! Many thanks to all of you ♥ In the meantime, you can discover my new illustration to download.

To download the wallpaper, click on the version that suits you (Iphone 6, Huawei and Ipad format). If your phone is not one of the models offered, choose the Iphone 6 format (it fits all smartphones). If you use this wallpaper, feel free to share your photos on Instagram and add the hashtag #celinelunakim so I can see them.

Feel free to leave a comment if you like this wallpaper ♥

Do small things with love: Iphone 6, Huawei, Ipad

The illustrations provided are not free of copyright for commercial use.

Illustrations may not be reproduced (even for personal use).


Céline Lunakim

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